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Do polls break the solved plugin?

  • Yes
  • No

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some message aaaaaaa


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Please wait whilst we piece everything back together…


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Just testing how these fancy buttons work :wink:


zu breit im gegensatz zu den derzeitigen


Was meinst du? SInd sie bei dir in zwei Zeilen aufgeteilt?


Sind bei mir auch in zwei Zeilen. Ich finde die Schrift etwas zu groß.


Merkwürdig. Aber ich werds ausbessern.


Bei mir auf dem FP2 sind sie untereinander angeordnet.


Tables seem to be “invisible” in Wiki change logs. See https://forum.fairphone.com/t/list-of-angels-heavens/31592

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    • how
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                • much.
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Oooh. Ohhh. Lineage 15.1 (testing)

Aha, am I? How come - am I just not logged in enough?? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

…or accessible?


That topic is only visible to #fairphoneangels.


Thanks for this info. I didn´t know there was a classified space for them.


The actual issue can be seen by everyone in my own post a bit further up:

When you click on the grey pencil icon to see what changes I made to the table, you get to see – nothing.  


Can I link poll options?

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Clicked on both links just to see to where they lead. Was not disappointed.


My computer didn’t like it apparently, this happened right after I voted :laughing: