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But the languages like “English”, „German“ or « French » have different quotation marks. I don’t think it can detect the language to use the correct quotation marks.

Just trying out the Austrian flag for the Austrian Fairphoners :wink:

I just learned a cool new thing at the MB Forum.

With <abbr title=""></abbr> you can display the long versions of abbreviations by hovering over them.
And combined with the Foxreplace addon for Firefox you can set this to be done automatically for common abbreviations like: AFAIK, FYI, TL;DR, etc
Nope, doesn’t work.
Yes it does work, but you have to choose HTML: NO, for some reason.


Here’s to the CFP2!

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Now if only those smartphone folks would use a proper computer! :wink:


Here is the formal description of the <abbr>-element:


Edit: I thought, we could maybe make this a default behaviour on our Discourse instance, but both available options seem to be not well maintained:

  1. Not Maintained and broken
  1. Not easy to add custom abbreviations

Discourse suggests using the footnote plugin instead. It’s not really a good replacement.

I like that.

Btw, I was tweaking the 20 char limit of Discourse above with the HTML entity for Non-breaking space (&nbsp;), but I do like the idea of including the footnotes plugin —I usually do a lot of notes in my posts.

<span></span> Has always been quite effective in that regard.

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Do polls break the solved plugin?

  • Yes
  • No

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some message aaaaaaa

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Just testing how these fancy buttons work :wink:

zu breit im gegensatz zu den derzeitigen

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Was meinst du? SInd sie bei dir in zwei Zeilen aufgeteilt?

Sind bei mir auch in zwei Zeilen. Ich finde die Schrift etwas zu groß.

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Merkwürdig. Aber ich werds ausbessern.

Bei mir auf dem FP2 sind sie untereinander angeordnet.