Play Store Install Failure

Hi, I’ve recently purchased a FP3. Some of the apps won’t install. Play Store finds the apps but when I hit install it spins and stops before it installs.

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  • Is your phone running Android 10?
  • Is your phone up to date?
  • Is the play store up to date?
  • Did you try basic troubleshooting such as rebooting, or taking battery out and back in?
  • Did you try starting in #dic:safemode?
  • Did you try a #dic:factorydatareset?
  • Are you sure the apps are compatible with the FP3?
  • Could you name some of the apps?
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Hi, thank you. It’s facebook and Pokemon go. I’ve done most on your list not safe mode or factory reset.

Well… You might want to try the factory reset then. It’s probable it will solve the problem, as they are no known compatibility issues with Facebook and Pokemon Go AFAICT.

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The phone refuses to have Facebook installed on it - understandable. :joy: Sorry, just kidding.


That sorted it… Thanks.


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