Play Books crash

Hello everyone !
Il don’t know the reason but Play Books crash when I try to open it. Perhaps a sdcard problem. What can I do to resolve ?

Thank you in advance for the help.


Is your SD card part of the internal storage? Or is it formatted as portable/mobile storage?

If you do not know, make a screenshot from Settings > Storage and post it here. :slight_smile:


Yes, your SD card is formatted as phone storage (internal storage), in other words: as an extension of the built-in storage. This formatting currently keeps causing problems with many FP3 users.

I would recommend that you save the 4.42 GB from the SD card on the built-in storage and then re-format the SD card as portable/mobile/external storage.


Thank you Urs for your suggestion but when I try this the phone system tells me that the bult-in storage hasn’t enough storage capacity…

Well, if you know how to, you could save the 4.42 GB on a computer first. Later, when the SD card is reformatted, you can put it back on the phone.


I will try it tomorrow. I’m not very sure what is the right way tu do this. I Tell you more in the coming days. Good late evening !

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Hello ! When I open the FP3+ with Windows Explorer 10, I doesn’t see the sdcard directory…

Well, I have never had my own SD cards formatted that way, so I cannot provide any experience of my own. But if your SD card is formatted as phone storage, it means that basically the phone treats built-in storage and SD card like if it was one unit. So (I am guessing here) it might only show as one medium in Windows Explorer.

Others, correct me if I’m guessing wrong …


Not what I remember from the time I had my internal SD-card… It should still be shown separately IIRC.

Though in this case I’m afraid the data is lost… :frowning: Unless you can perhaps upload the data to a drive online and then download it back after having reformatted the card?
If you want more information about SD-cards and why you shouldn’t format them as internal storage, you can read the #sdcardguide.

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Thank you Alex.A, but the #sdcardguide link tells me :

“There are no more sdcardguide topics. Browse all tags or view latest topics.”


Hello amoun,

When I go the following link :
he tells me :

There are no more contactsupport topics. Browse all tags or view latest topics.

I don’t know why and in which way I can access to the latest topic…

Thank you in advance for the help.

The link I provided should take you to the guide on SD cards so I’m not sure why you quoted the contact support.

However if you want to contact support there are two ways
a) via direct email from whence you will get a an acknowledgment and then alter a series of question about your problem or

b) via the official support request which can be found via

Though given the problem with accessing data on an SD card I’m not confident official support can help with such a user issue.

To get data from an internal storage you will have to jump through some software hoops to get computer access as the data is encrypted.

There’s 1 topic listed for each hashtag link, that’s the one to go to respectively.
I agree it’s misleading that it says after the 1 listed topic that there are no more, even if it is correct (there are no more than the 1).

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