Place menu bar left from search

Currently, the menu bar of the forum (All categories // Latest // New (18) // Unread (7) // Top // Categories // Bookmarks) displays beneath the bar with the search, hamburger menu and user icon. It would be great if the menu could be placed in the same bar as search/user icon.

Currently, the forum menu/categories disappear when scrolling down the page, whilst placing them in the bar together with the search would keep them always visible.

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Just so I understand you correctly, you are saying that instead of this:

It should look like this:

You have all that - except for the + New Topic - in the hamburger menu too, but your way would be one click faster.

Yup, that’s what I meant :slightly_smiling:
Advantages: do stuff with one click less indeed (didn’t check the hamburger menu tbh), but most importantly (for me) it provides an indication of where you are. It also increases discoverability, allows you to create a new issue if you find out at the bottom that the current thread doesn’t cover your problem and saves vertical screen space.

Well we don’t want that. We want that a user finds a topic which covers their problem, even if it is in another thread. :grin:

On the serious side of life: You always see the current category a the top of the page:

Also there is a little button to the right of each post (if you hover their), which lets you reply as a linked topic.

@Stefan: I guess @glotzbach is not talking about the bar while reading posts in a topic but while looking at the topics overview on the forum’s homepage. If you choose a category there to only see the topics in this category, you won’t see which category you are in anymore after having scrolled down.

Well, doesn’t it become easier when finding an answer if you can navigate around the site faster?

Yup, you’re right @tphysm.

Thank you for pointing me towards an inconsistency :wink: A) on a thread page, the page info/title does get moved into the same bar as search/user icon. B) on a category page, the page info does not get moved into that bar. Additionally, on a category page there’s no Fairphone logo on the top if scrolled down (there is on a thread page).

I think you should direct this request to . The developers of Discourse (the forum software we use) are present their and can tell you more about the feasibility of your request. (You are right, it would be more consistent, if there would be a headline (e.g. “Latest Topics”, if you are in the Latest tab.)).

I removed “FR:” from the topic title because it looked as if this topic was in French language.

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Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I just did.