Pinout of Headphone Jack

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It’s probably not a Software-Only question, but related atleast to software development (in conjunction with hardware development): what is the Pinout of the Headphone Jack of the Fairphone?

Is there just Righ-, Left- and GND for Audio, or mayby also AUX or Mic (many phones actually have 4 pins in the headphone jack, some even allow playback to be controlled through the connector).

My goal (at first) would be to hook up an external microphone to my FP1.

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For sure it has also the mic pin because I use headphone with mic and I’m able to talk by phone.
Also the headphone has a button to answer/hangup calls and it can pause/play songs on media player.

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Ok, so it’s either CTIA or OMTP, but which one?

I guess I’ll have to go for trial-and-error; as soo as I got the neccessary plugs in my post box I’ll report back with the pinout.

I use a iRig Mic Cast succesfully. It’s no stereo mic.

Maybe this helps:

What kind of microphone would you use? Let it know if it works, I consider buying a RodeLavelier (