PIN not recognised

I had a weird, but epic fail with my Fairphone this morning. My device stopped recognising my PIN code. I hadn’t changed it recently or messed with any settings.

I’m not sure if it was some kind of software failure but I could not access my phone. I hade to perform a factory re-set.

Interested to know if anyone else has experienced this, or if it’s a bizarre one-off.

I’ve always had a good experience with my FP 5, but this has made me question it… I had a Pixel previously and it always just worked.

It could have been a touchscreen problem. Are you absolutely sure that each fingertouch was recognised when typing the PIN? I’ve seen problems like that on my iPad.

Had you registered fingerprints (which would have been an alternative for unlocking), or had the device maybe just booted (in which case PIN is obligatory)?

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Good questions… I tried very carefully to be very deliberate with my touches. If the touchscreen did fail, it was an epic fail. I rebooted the device to see if it solved the issue, at which point the PIN was obligatory.

Very weird and troubling for someone who usually champions a very stable and, generally, positive FP 5 experience

And it was not the SIM PIN asked?

After the factory reset (using recovery), you presumably had to supply the PIN. I’m assuming that it’s now working again?

If that is the case, then the reset was the correct thing to do, because you’ve removed whatever was causing the problem.
When you re-install your apps, keep a close eye on the PIN functioning correctly. Don’t install all the apps at once, if you can avoid that. You may be able to identify an app that was causing the problem (this is the recommended procedure after a reset in cases like yours).

I could not restore my Fairphone 5 back-up because it prompted me to input the old PIN, which it did not recognise. Very bizarre. On a systemic level, it seems the password was changed somehow.