Physical shop selling FP2 accessories in Amsterdam?

Hi all,

Is there a physical shop in Amsterdam, like a fair trade shop, where I can find accessories for my new FP2?

I’m asking because I don’t live in Europe and need to ask a friend there to get FP2 for me. Don’t want to bother him again for the 3D printed stuff. Also, I’ll be in Amsterdam next week and will have some time to bike around the city. And I plan to visit some fair trade shops anyway.

Any suggestion will be much appreciated.


Concerning accessories there are several threads on the forum depending on what you are looking for, e.g. cases and screen protectors fitting the FP2.
But I do not live in Amsterdam, so I don’t know what can be found over there.

Just in case: If you meant spare parts, there is no physical shop with those to the best of my knowledge.

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