Phonecalls don't work anymore (other person's voice is interrupted)

Hey fellow FP-users :slight_smile:

I have always been, well, at least, content with my FP1, even after 3 years. Now, for about a month, I haven’t been able to properly use the phone as a phone (i.e. to make phone calls) anymore. When it first started, I thought it was due to bad service, because just like when you have bad service I only hear the voice of the other person interruptedly, but they can hear me perfectly fine. But I’ve encountered this problem multiple times now, even in places where I know I have good service, because I made phone calls from there before, so I figure it must be something about the phone itself. Is anyone encountering the same problem or has an idea, what I could do about that?

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Plesse record audio in the respective app and find out if your voice recording is interrupted too.


The same problem with my FP1. I have dual SIM (2 different providers) and some weeks ago I did the necessary storage upgrade. After a while I began noticing very poor GSM coverage. In buildings there’s often no connection at all. At this moment my phone is more than 50% of the time without collphone reception. Sometimes it helps turning on and of Wifi or 3G. A very annoying situation. Suggestions?



Voice recording works perfectly fine.

@Dries_Brugge: Do you also hear the other person’s voice interruptedly?

@littlesis92 I think I didn’t read properly. I overread, that your voice is transmitted fine, but it’s the other person’s voice that is not transmitted uninterruptedly.

@both In #dic:testingmode you can make a complete factory test. Please do so and post the result (maybe a photo).

I can’t take a picture, but the results are:
[0] keys
[0] touch pa…
[0] eMMC
[0] Memory Card
[x] SIM Detection
[x] Signaling T…
[0] RTC
[0] Loopba…
[0] Receiver
[x] main camera
[x] sub camera
[0] GPS
[ ] FM Radio
[x] Bluetooth
[o] Wi-Fi
[x] Battery & …

The rows with [0] are green, the ones with [x] red and the one with [ ] ist black. It cuts off the rows and doesn’t wrap the words, so I put “…” when that happened.

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Indeed. But most of the time connection is simply broken.


PS: where can I find #dic:testingmode ?

Click on #dic:testingmode .


Photograph in attachment.


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…so now what do I do with this information?

You might want to renew your SIM card or check if the SIM slot has any damages.
Also check your battery.

Signalling is red in both cases. Unfortunately I don’t know how to fix that.

The only thing you could try before looking for a new motherboard is a #dic:hardreset .

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