Phone works but screen broken : need my contacts

Hello there,

my cat spilled water on my phone a couple days ago. The phone is still working and so was the screen (although not full brightness, I think the brightness sensor got broken) up until yesterday. The screen stays dark but the phone is still working.

I will order a new screen and fix it, but what I need urgently are my contacts. I can’t find them when I connect my FP to my computer and the thread here is exactly what I need : Files Stored@PC & Phone recovered: How to get my Contacts back?
but I don’t see the folders the people are talking about in my explorer. If anyone can help me I would be very grateful, I need my contacts as fast as I can.

This is what appears in my explorer (I already checked the “show hidden files, folders, etc” box)

This may be obvious, but sometimes in a stressful situation one tends to forget something: You didn’t setup a Google Account and Sync your contacts to Google did you? Because then there would be a backup in the cloud. If so, simply login to you Google Account ( and click on the small arrow next to Gmail below to Google Logo to change to your Google Contacts.

The problem is, you cannot see all files on your Fairphone in the Windows Explorer. You only have access to the SD card and the internal storage, but not necessarily the the part where android user data is stored. There might be another way to get your contacts using ADB, Android Debug Bridge, but that depends on the current configuration of your phone. I will have a look at that with my own phone later today.

I already checked my google account, unfortunately I didn’t sync my phone
with my account.

I have been wondering if there is a voice command on the FP I could somehow
use to get my contacts back ?

I’ll check out ADB today, I appreciate your help !