Phone won't connect to car (android car) and PC (Windows)

My FP3 won’t connect to Android Car and Windows PC. Until about a week ago there was no problem.
On my PC I used : Genymobile : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive to show users how an app works. Afterwards I tried the other day to do this again and it did not work anymore.

And also when I connect to my car with Android Car the phone is not recognized.

Someone ideas about a solution?.

As soon as a device is connected via USB for the first time, you should be offered various data protocols to choose. For Android Auto, select “File transfer”…

Before the use of screen copy there was no problem in using the phone in the car or connecting tot pc. When I connect to pc now, there is no recognition of some kind.

Then something probably has been changed by this app…

I tried to connect to my laptop using the USB-C port on the laptop.
I got this message:

(Code 43)
A request for the USB device descriptor failed.

“Code 43” usually indicates a malfunctioning device, but the reasons can be various, to begin with the data cable, and to end with the device itself. Reboot the phone and try with another cable first. If that does not help, the bottom module could be at fault…

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Thanks for your reactions, I made a request for the support team.


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