Phone vibrating multiple times when charger is connected

My Fairphone 3 charges ok (with the, apparently common, issue that often it is charging slowly). But whenever i connect the charger, it vibrates like some 20 times before it settles down. I have not found out why that is. I can only either switch off the vibration on charger connecting completely, or have it on. But i have no idea why it vibrates/sounds so many times. Any ideas?

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Looks for me like a contact issue. Maybe the reason for the slow charging too,
Can you check the USB jack for obvious debris? Or maybe try a different cable.

There are no debris in either phone or cable contact. Both are very new (less than two months old. i just got the Fairphone). I don’t think that’s the source of the slow charging either. If i switch to airplane more, the charging goes to charging at normal speed. And the multiple vibration effect occurs only as i plug the cable in. I’m pretty convinced that the multiple vibration is a software issue. That’s where i’d looking for a solution.

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Have you seen this posts?

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