Phone useless because lost menu page

The most important menu page “Recents” and “Most used” has gone, since I used the updater to get the latest software. This means I can’t use the camera, or the calendar, among many others. It seems I’m the only person this has happened to, because it doesn’t seem to be referenced on the Forum

It has happened to many of us. It is just described in many different ways. You can still access all your apps. Hold down a blank area of the screen until a menu appears.

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Just above the three icons at the bottom of your screen you will see a dot.
Tap long on the dot.
Swipe to the right till you see "My Apps"
Tap on “My Apps” and don’t release your finger.
Now you can drag the widget “My Apps” to your homescreen, while still hold on to the widget move to the right to add a new homescreen where you can put “My Apps”. Then release your finger.

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Great, Jeremy, thanks. I wish I’d gone to the forum sooner!

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Thanks, worked perfectly, just like Jeremy’s solution


Have a look at the user guide at page 16, 17 & 22: there you’ll find some guidance not only on how to get the “My Apps” widget back (which you are missing), but also on how the user interface works more generally. Particularly with the edge swipe you’ll always have access to your apps and dialer.

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Thanks, will do, although I’m OK now, thanks

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