Phone switches on in my pocket

I keep my phone in a thigh-pocket on my trousers and it is rubbing against my thigh as i walk. When i have the phone in “locked” mode the top “drop-down menu” where i can change brightness, wifi etc is still enabled. It has happened on multiple ocations that the flashlight and wifi has engaged, draining my battery and the phone has even put itself to flightmode stopping all incoming calls.

Is there any way to disable this menu when the phone is locked? The fact that the phone can turn itself into flight mode by rubbing against my leg is far from optimal.

Don’t you switch off the screen with the power button or does it switch itself on in your pocket?

I always push it before i put away my phone but that button is probably pretty easily pushed down when in the pocket.

Today for some reason, my phone kept unlocking in my pocket all the time. I don’t use a PIN or password which probably makes that easier. Anyone else experiencing that issue? Is there a way to modify the lockscreen a little bit to harden unlocking of the screen? Or do you suggest I lock my phone with some PIN/pattern?

What I noticed then was for example that the flashlight turned on automatically in my pocket (which I didn’t notice for a few hours). When I looked at my phone, the battery was suddenly at 25% although I charged this morning and my battery usually lasts 3 to 5 days. So I went to the battery monitor but nothing showed there. I was confused. As I put it back into my pocket I noticed the light was turned on. Can we display a flashlight icon in the statusbar if that is turned on? That would be awesome!

Cheers, folks!

@Vinni I moved your post here and edited the title a bit so it’s easier to find.

My guess is: Both of your power buttons are loose, because mine needs so much pressure to be pressed that it won’t just happen in the pocket.