Phone suddenly shut down, won't restart

My phone (fully charged) suddenly had a rather pixly and colorful screen, then shut down and won’t reboot. Removing the battery and replacing it only causes it to buzz once, then remain black and dead.
Any suggestions on how to deal with it?

Try taking off the screen and cleaning the contacts. Let the battery cool down meanwhile. Then try again.

Thanks, the phone started, but now the touchscreen doesn’t work any longer so I can’t enter my pin or restart… Tried taking off the screen again and put it back. Now the screen is all black again.

Sounds like there is some resilient dirt that you moved from one contact to another. Or the is some other hardware issue. Do you have someone with a working FP2 around so you could test your phone with their screen and your screen with their phone?

My phone too is dead. It started with a not working touchscreen, than it went dead, I succeeded to reboot. The ugly broken Android appeared, with a crash message. After rebooting again, it worked one day, now it remains dead. It seems to work, I see the WiFi connect led flickering. The alarm works, but I can’t stop it.

Shouldend Fairphone engineering look info a broblem this big?

Have you tried taking off the screen and cleaning the connectors?

I just took off my screen and replaced again. Did’nt dear to clean anything. But it works now … will it remain working? Or do I have to keep on removing the screen :slight_smile:

No need to be afraid. The Fairphone was designed to be opened and repaired even by not tech-savvy people. Simply blowing (without spitting) away dust and/or wiping with a dry cloth is a save way to clean the insides of the phone.

The downside of the modularity and easy repairability is that the phone is not as tight and dirt can easier get inside and cause different kinds of troubles. Maybe you’ll never have to open it again, but maybe you will.

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