Phone reboots when receiving a call

Pretty much as it sounds - when someone tries to call me, my phone reboots itself or just shuts down. It’s not random reboots, but very specifically when I receive a call. It doesn’t begin to ring or anything, just reboots when the other person tries to call.

Any fix? This is a pretty core functionality I really need back as soon as possible…

Do you happen to have set a custom ringtone? If so please set it back to a preinstalled ringtone. That should fix it.

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Slight change in behaviour - at one point someone tried to call me and my phone just shut down. When it rebooted, I got the “optimising apps” screen. After this I uninstalled my custom ringtone app and set it to one of the pre-installed tones, and asked someone to call me again. This time the phone didn’t reboot, but the screen froze. The only interaction I could get then was to hold down the power button, then it would allow me to use the options there (shut down, reboot etc). Shortly after that, my phone is now just freezing up every couple of minutes regardless of whether anyone is calling me or not. I left it overnight and it didn’t “unfreeze”, the time on the clock was stuck at the same time it had initially frozen. My phone is essentially decorative at this point.

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