Phone number unknown

I have a FP3. It is the first time I have ever had a Smartphone and find that the assumption that everyone knows how to use one extremely irritating. Can someone answer simply why the phone does not display the phone number in the about phone section. When I raised this with 02 they just sent me a replacement SIM card which did not resolve this. Maybe I have simply not done something.

I can confirm that my number doesn’t show under About Phone options, hasn’t since I bought the phone in Oct 20

Would you be happy to change the title to ‘Phone number shown as Unknown under About Phone’.

I think that better describes the issue

Maybe this workaround works?
Disable the wifi calling and 4g LTE options
You can find it here:
Go to the app Phone - settings - calling accounts - select sim - wifi calling
Go to the app Settings - network and internet - mobile network - advanced - enhanced 4g lte mode

A topic title has to be max 15 characters so no. I just want to know whether this effects the use of the phone at all. I also need it to be there to remind me what my number is!

I don’t think that affects the use of the phone. My FP3 with a Vodafone card shows the correct number, however a Pixel 4a with an O2 card doesn’t, only country code and prefix, the rest is ‘0’ but both work.

You know you can put your number either in the contacts list, at the top if you like, or even static on the home screen, lock screen etc :slight_smile:

Thanks. I have done that now.

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