Phone not starting after update

Yesterday I wanted to install the “Cherry”- update (before that I still had “Caju”), but I face the problem that I cant boot the phone
anymore. I will describe the issue as detailed as possible, hoping you
can quickly help me: when the phone had rebooted and was at installing
the cherry-update, at one point it showed no progress anymore for about
10hours(overnight). I took out the battery this morning to restart the
phone and try the update again, but since that, everytime I start the
the phone, the screen gets blue at first but then black with a small
strip of blue on top of the screen and nothing happens further.
tried to reboot the phone, using the recovery menu (“reboot system
now”), but the result is the same. I also treid to back up my data,
(“backup user data”): It said the the system update is being installed
in the background and showed some text about data, SD card and a backup
file, but as the the system update was half installed the phone showed
the recovery menu again. I managed to back up the data at the third try
(clicking the power button during the back up and the text concernig SD
card and backup file disappeared).
Furthermore I tried to install the update from the SD card (recovery menu)but at step 5 of these instructions :
There was no file called “fp_update_…”, instead, there were no files at all.
connecting the phone with my computer was useless too.
So far when i start the the phone, I still see the blue screen and then the black with the blue strip on top.
Looking forward to your help,

Did you downloaded the “fp_update_…” to your sd-card before you tried to install.
I understand that your phone is from the first batch.
You need FP1 Cherry (v.1.6) (~200MB)
md5sum: ffef67f958c37ce9ddae683b9ad0b690
You can find the update file here.

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or try adb sideload if you don’t have an external sd. Did you already perform the partition update?

I did not download it to an SD-Card. There was no card in the phone at all, but I have the file on my computer. I will try to get that on my external SD-Card. thanks for your fast reply! :slight_smile:

@Elchi can you explain what adb is an how to use it?
I did not perform the partition update. As far as I know, this is only possible after succesfully updating to v. 1.6 cherry^^

I don’t know about that. I just asked because after performing the partition update, for the moment you can’t flash the provided recovery anymore (see here for details). That’s why I would reccomend not to do the partition update atm.

ADB stands for Android Debug Bridge and is a part of the Android SDK (Software Development Kit). It’s a software that provides direct communication between a pc and an Android device allowing to transfer files, access the system or run commands on the phone. It is a command line tool (but very easy to use), which was originally intended for sofware developing (esp. debugging, hence the name). One of the many functions of ADB is to flash a recovery or to the phone directly from a pc (that’s what the “apply update from ADB” option in the recovery is for). I just brougth it up in case you didn’t had a sd card.

Hi everyone,
With the help of a friend I managed to repair the phone, following the instructions at the bottom of the article, Elchi mentioned in an other discussion: