Phone not ringing

Hi - newbie speaking:
My phone won’t ring for incoming calls. When I get an incoming call, it shows in the display, but there is no sound.

Obviously, I have tried adjusting the volume in settings, and the curious thing is that, when you alter the volume, or try to change the ringtone, it is still completely silent - no burst of sample sound.

  • The alarm and message notifications are fine.
  • I have tried switching it off and on again.
  • I have tried taking the battery out (and putting it bak in again, obvs)

I’ve checked the help search here and more widely for android, but still haven’t found the answer. Hope someone can help.

I know it might sound like a stupid question, but you did try the physical volume button already, right?

Well, I hadn’t tried it, because the other sounds were working OK.

However, I have just tried it now, and it doesn’t make any difference.

But thanks for the suggestion.

It’s fixed.

Bizarrely, even though I was adjusting the volume up and down, and both message notifications and alarms were loud and clear, the phone was officially in “Silent” mode.

Weird kind of silent.

I had this until I realized that the ringing volume was set to ‘priority’ (or whatever the name of the setting in english is) instead of ‘always’. Ticked ‘always’ and I can now hear the ringing, phew !

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Hi, Just thought Id add my experience with same problem.

Like you I tried all possible volume controls, and all other media tones were working fine… No success… BUT, then after reading your Silent mode experience. I tried something lateral and turned ON the Interruptions control for when calls and notifications arrive (Settings - Sound & Notification - Interruptions).

So previously it was OFF for all days ie there were NO interruption controls. So I switched it ON for one small period on sunday night and hey presto my incoming call ring tone worked!! :o

I know, it makes NO sense at all… but it works now…

and I must confess its nice to have fixed it myself. Despite the frustration of this non logical bug :slight_smile:

Worth knowing - thank you.

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