Phone not charging on computer usb port when in power saving mode

My phone doesn’t charge while connected to a laptop USB port (3.0) either when the laptop is in power saving (not to be confused with “suspend to ram”) mode or when it is just booted but no user is logged in.
Anyone else noticed this behavior? Is there something I can do about it because all other phones I could try have no problem of being charged in this setup.

Do other phones charge on this port? Preferably try charging another phone with the same cable. If no, probably an issue with the laptop about which you’d better ask a computer forum.

As stated in my last sentence I tried other phones. But to be more precise, I tried USB-Data cables, pure charging cables and with different phones. The behavior is the same on different laptops. It is clearly a fairphone issue. My feeling is that it has something to do, with the fairphone not being able to communicate with the OS because it is not active.

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I’m sorry for misreading your post. I have no issue charging from my laptop. (Also, my laptop has a ‘charging port’ which is powered when the laptop is suspended to RAM or connected to a charger. Works fine as well.)

It could be an issue with the bottom module. If you live near any of the #fairphoneangels, you can try swapping the module to see if this fixes the problem.

The dedicated usb-charging port (orange color) does not have this issue btw.
I don’t think it is an issue of the bottom module as this should have problems everywhere.

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