Phone loosing Service

Had my phone for a month or so and it has started frequently loosing service for extended periods of time.

A few reboots normally get it working again.

I have contacted my service provider and we have determined it not their services or the sim card. This is because the service is completely fine in my old phone.

Has anyone had similar issues?

I have contacted Fairphone support but have had no response since opening the ticket 4 days ago.


Did you not even get an acknowledgement with a ticket number ?
It is the weekend but ~ you sent a support request Thursday ??

Yes I got the acknowledgement with the ticket number but no updates since I opened the ticket on the 30th March.

Yes OK. It seems to take at least 5 working days to get a response unless you are extremely luckly, so hopefully this comming week you will get another email from support.

When you say loosing sevice.

  • What provider are you using?
  • Do you have Auto 5G, 4G, 3G and 2G set, can you try without the 5G
  • How are calls via WiFi and can you remove auto and set to only 5Ghz, maybe with a unique SSID on the router at home.

How was this determined? Fairphone recommends a SIM card not older than 2 years when buying a new phone. Just making sure that box was ticked.

  • Vodafone
  • Auto is not an option. Its set to 5G/4G/3G/2G. I’m guessing that is equivalent to auto.
  • I don’t use WiFi Calling. It is currently switched off.

There was a system update this morning on the FP4 so I have put the SIM Card back in from the old phone to see how it behaves today.

By putting the SIM Card in my old phone that was fine before switching to the FP4. The old phone has no issue and when putting the SIM Card back in the FP4 we have the issue.

The SIM Card was new this year.

I’m using Android 11 on an FP3, so maybe someone else can check.

Settings > Network and internet > Mobile network >Advanced > Preferred network type > [option to select] try only 4G ?

I switched the SIM Card back to the FP4 this morning after the update had installed. Then around lunch time I lost service.

I have now changed the settings to use only 4G only.

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