Phone keeps rebooting and optimizes apps every time i shut it off

Whenever i turn my fairphone 2 off and on or reboot it, it’ll keep coming to the fairphone “turning on screen” and then it’ll just reboot again. It’s happened a few times and eventually it turns itself on. Yet now the last time it happened it went on for about ten minutes and then I turned it off by taking out the battery. Sometimes it’ll make it to the “optimizing apps screen” and then just rebbot halfway through. The only thing I can think to is factory reset it since I can’t turn it but I would like to know if there’s any other way to solve this or if anyone else has experience with this sort of issue.

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When did this start to happen ? Was it per chance after an update ?


It started happening a few days ago, can’t remember the exact circumstances, it wasn’t after an update though. I think the first time it happened now it was a bit laggy and then I rebooted it and then it went inte the cycle described in op and managed to turn itself on. Then it happened one or two more times and now it won’t turn on.


Okay, could you try that for me first please :

  • Plug your phone to a AC adapter
  • Let it charge for a while
  • Try to get to the recovery mode (by holding Power and Vol+ keys at boot, it might reboot once before you get there)
  • Update us on whether this has worked

Maybe a simple wipe will do it.

I’ve managed to get to recovery mode screen what should I do next


I would try wiping the cache and Dalvik cache, which should trigger another “optimizing apps” at reboot but might work

Hi, thanks for replying so fast. How do I do that?

You should have a “Wipe” button on the top right corner of your screen, touch it then :

  • Press on “Advanced Wipe”
  • Select the partitions: Dalvik Cache & Cache
  • Swipe the round button on the bottom of the screen

This wipe does not touch your data (that’s why I recommend trying it before any factory reset)

I’m in the recovery mode screen and I can’t find a “wipe” button either in the top right corner or anywhere else, there is a “wipe cache partition” option though but I don’t think that’s the button.

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