Phone is stuck on a black screen and the notification LED flashes red

My Fairphone3 is stuck on a black screen and the notification LED flashes red, I tried to turn it back on with the power button but also with the volume button - and power, nothing happened, I charged it for a good hour and nothing to do, it does not turn on anymore…
I have ordered a new battery.
Anyone can help if it happens to you ?

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What exactly happened before. Did you drain the battery if your FO3 to nearly zero?
Was the charger you are using able to fast charge your phone?

Hello, the battery was at 30% when I charged it. Then it stopped by itself… The phone don’t charge anymore, but just the LED flashes red still when I charged it

Hi @Julie_Potier and hi everyone.
I’m having the same problem with my Fairphone 3: initially it started charging very slowly (10-20% in 24 h) and went on like that for about ten days and then a fortnight ago it stopped charging completely and is in the same condition as yours.
To answer @Incanus question already, it has happened to me more than a few times that the battery has completely discharged and in fact I immediately thought that the problem was due to that and that it needed to be replaced. Ordered the new battery and the problem persists: did it happen to you too, or did the new battery solve it?
In the transition between slow charging and no charging at all I used to be able to access Fast Boot Mode with the power and volume up keys combination, now I can’t either.
I have followed all the instructions on the ‘support Fairphone’ page regarding charging power supplies and the problem does not lie there: they all support fast charge mode and none of the 3 chargers can switch the phone on.
At this point I think I need to replace the bottom module, but I wanted to get some more opinions first: I would be grateful if someone could confirm this.

I did a more extensive search and found many reports with the same problem; I am following all the suggestions made in those posts.
If someone still wants to answer me, I would be happy to know if the most likely solution is to replace the bottom module.

actually yes I guess its the bottom module, when you can exclude battery, cable and charger.

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