Phone is now complete dead - can't switch on

My FP2 is now completely dead, can’t turn it on at all.

When I plug the charger in the light flashes red, then goes off and will flash red intermittantly. I tried this on and off yesterday and it occasionally went green and then start flashing red again. I’ve tried three different chargers.

I’ve taken the back off and plugged the charger in again, thinking it could be a faulty connection. When I ‘jiggle’ the charger the red light flashes again, when I leave it alone it just stops flashing altogether.

I was doing this yesterday, then suddenly in the evening I tried again and the phone did reboot up and worked for about 20 minutes. It died again and I haven’t been able to get it to switch on since.

I am not sure if I need to replace a particular part, is this a problem anyone else has experienced?

Please help I am living in China and I will need to order spare parts through my parents, so any suggestions urgently needed!

Hi hwright,
I have had a problem which sounds similar, I wasn’t abel to switch on my phone. The battery has been very low. So I took out the battery from the phone, charged it for about 1.5 hours at a charger and put it back again to the phone. And it worked.
My charger is a universal one (from China), I bought it some two years ago, when I missed my cameras charger. It wasn’t cheap (about 30,- € at a shop in town, similar to this one:, but cheaper than the original Sony charger and it works with nearly all kinds of batteries, including an USB connection. Sometimes quite helpful.

Hope, it will help!
Heiner .

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Sounds like a deep discharged battery.
Have a look at the battery guide, in particular at how to kickstart the battery, and follow it closely (i.e. don’t turn the phone on before completely charged!).


My FP2 phone is dead too… it won´t turn on at all and i have done all that i can even (wipe data/factory reset) but still it dosent turn on… only start screen come on that Fairphone powered by android… what to do?
And thanx for help

Does the LED blink or give any output when you plug your phone in?
I.e., can you still charge it, or is it possible that the battery is completely dead?

phone just started working, but it took really long time to start. I hope it will keep working. Thanx for your help.

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