Phone is not working

Help! My phone’s battery was dead yesterday evening so I set it to charge overnight with the same charger I use all the time. I remember in the middle of the night seeing that the phone was “updating” for some reason, but was too half asleep to investigate.

This morning my phone won’t start at all. When I plug it in all I have is a red light that blinks very fast (faster than when it’s usually charging), and the phone won’t start. I’ve tried taking the battery out for half an hour… nothing is working. It’s just DEAD.

Is this familiar to anyone?

What you describe (the red light blinking) actually sounds exactly like the symptoms of a battery run all dry (empty). When this happens, you should usually let it charge until the light turns green without powering it on before. In fact, taking out the battery for half an hour was exactly what you should do to perform a “battery reset”, you just didn’t continue. See the #batteryguide for more information.

Now why it ran dry is hard to say from your report. It’s just something one should avoid at all costs (it should always be charged again once it hits 20% at the latest). One of the most frequent causes of a battery emptying too quickly is the Wi-Fi being on permanently. I would recommend to change the settings to: Wi-Fi > Advanced (three dots) > Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep > Never.


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