Phone is not turning on

My fp2 is not turning on. You can hold the power button and the fairphone logo will show up and the phone will vibrate but then the screen turns black. The fairphone logo will appear again and the process is repeating as long as you don’t take out the battery. What’s wrong? Is it the display? What would I have to replace so that it’s working again.
(It got wet and I’m sure that’s the reason for the issue.)

If you’re lucky it’s just that the battery is deep-discharged. If so the #deepdischarged guide can help you.

Also check out the #waterwiki and #blackscreenguide. At least these should help you zero in on whats the issue. Otherwise you can see if there are #fairphoneangels in your area to help you with troubleshooting.


Well but if you plug in the charging cable the phone immediately turns on and off again and repeats doing this until you plug out the cable again.

What are you trying to tell me with this?

I am sorry, my mistake, didn’t see the “what should I do if it doesnt work like that” part. Sorry

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