Phone is broken I need help!

My Fairphone 1 falls down 10cm and now its broken ;(
The sreen has a split and I can’t unlocking my phone now, because the numbers doesn’t work anymore. Just the numbers 1,2,4 and 5. What can I do now?? Can you help me please? Thank you

Get yourself an USB-OTG adapter. This should allow you to connect a standard USB computer mouse to your FP1. :slight_smile:

@urs_lesse thank you very much, but my FP1 doesn’t react… My screen has a small spli, when I’m going to get a USB-OTG adapter, is it then reacting?? Thank you for your help;)

The mouse should allow you to work the screen like a computer screen – without touching the screen. Of course it’s no long-term solution, but it should enable you to backup your data.

Note that if the phone was set to “charge only”, USB-OTG won’t work (as far as I know).

@Johannes can you explain me what you mean? what is charge only?

And is it possible to fix it? Is there anyone who know that?

When you connect the phone by USB you can set different connection modes, such as MTP or charge only. By default, the android version installed on the FP1 will remember the connection mode you last used (and most people seem to set it once and then not change). If you’ve transferred files over USB previously and haven’t changed settings since*, it probably won’t be on charge only and there’s a fair chance that connecting a mouse via a USB OTG cable will work.

* come to think of it, if you can see the phone in the file browser on the computer when you connect it, that should be an indication it’s set to use USB for data as well - though you may not be able to browse the files on the phone as the screen needs to be unlocked for that.

okay. thank you, is it possible to fix it?

You’d need to find a working display assembly for a Fairphone 1. Unfortunately, Fairphone has run out of replacement displays, so the only way that I can think of is finding one second hand (sometimes when a motherboard breaks people sell the rest of the parts).

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