Phone in bubble icon in the top right of the screen

Hi there, I’ve been seeing this icon next to the clock since I got my FP4, and after some research I still have no idea what it is.


Any idea?

It probably shows that WiFi calling is active.


This was my first guess since the icon closely ressembles the Wi-Fi calling icon, but it shows up whether the feature is enabled or not.

I don’t have a FP4 running A11 but this icon is very close to the loudspeaker (sometimes called speakerphone) mode symbol. On my FP3 these only appear (one in notification bar, left, the other in status bar, right) when the speaker is in use during a call, they disappear at the end of the call. But maybe in A11 you can have persistent loudspeaker active, in which case this needs to be shown?

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