Phone i struggling to charge

I was using an old nexus charger - think the cable was a bit dodgy.
Charged the phone at work, on a blackberry charger, charging fine.
Took charger home, back to normal, won’t charge (or charges very very slowly, hard to tell).
Right now as I write this, I am charging at work again, see if it makes any difference.

Are there any known issues re battery charging?

Phone is about 3 months old.

Thank you,

Got your phone in a case? I use different chargers/cables, and the only problem so far is that some of them are a bit thick and don’t fit properly. I sometimes plug in, see the red diode light indicating that it charges, put it on the table - and realise later that it stopped charging at some point.

Popping the phone out of the case helped. No problems, then.

Thanks for reply - no case, I use it naked.
Latest - since my first post, still not fully charged. Definitely something wrong.

I’ve encountered the very same problem. I originally used my old HTC charger with an output of 1A/h, but that one now does not charge my FP completely most of the time. The last two days it worked fine, but last night it took forever to charge from 31 to 96 percent. Alternatively I use an Asus Nexus 7 (2012) charger with an output of 2A/h. It works all the time, but the Fairphone often discharges ridiculously fast. If I take out the battery for a few minutes, the fast discharging usually stops for some time, but then starts again. :frowning:

Thanks Jan_Z

Clearly something wrong with the phone on the charging front.


I just faced the same problem.

No problem so far with charging the phone (1st batch), but last night the battery was drained, although the phone was plugged in the charger and indicating it was receiving charge. The battery history shows it has been connected to charger, but still the “charge curve”, or whatever, sharply decreases. I rebooted the phone, but still it seems to be struggling to charge.

So far I haven’t had any problems with the charger nor with charging while the case on.

I’ll try at work with a different charger. But still this is quite curious…

I’ve had difficulty charging too. On some chargers - apparently 100% of the time, but only on some chargers - it claims to be charging and gives a stated power level of whatever it was at when I plugged it in and stays there, not getting higher or lower. Then when I unplug it, that value suddenly drops to possibly even lower than it would have been if the phone hadn’t been plugged in for the same amount of time. The problematic chargers seem to be mostly the 2-part ones, ie where the cable is separate from the actual mains plug

Thanks - oddly enough, I think my phone is now beginning to charge quite normally. Sure is odd! but, ok I think there is definitely an issue with charging, but, for the time being, it’s back to normal for me.

Thank you all - I don’t think I will write anything on Forum if it happens again, since we have established there is an odd phone-charging issue ( which, I seem to get the impression of, Fairphone doesn’t seem to be too concerned with )

If you expect an official answer, you should get in contact with support because the forum is led by the community. Fairphone team members seldomly visit the forum.

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