Phone has no internet connection while being connected to home Wi Fi

Hi there everyone,
so since yesterday evening I have a problem with my FP 1. I Though I am connected to my home Wi Fi, I don’t have an internet connection. However I am still able to connect to the internet with every other device, e. g. my laptop, my brother’s phone…
I also just headed over to my grandma’s place to see if the connection would work over there and it did perfectly fine, I could connect to the router and had an internet connection.
So it seems like neither the router nor the phone is the issue which kind of confuses me.
I turned my phone on and off, turned the router on and off and dis- and reconnected to the router multiple times, and nothing would work out. :confused:
I am quite desperate at that point and really hope that someone here maybe has a solution…
thanks in advance!

Did you already delete your home wifi from the list of wifis? Sometimes that helps.
To do so you have to long tap on the name and then choose delete.

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