Phone gets hot: water damage? - Any Amsterdam Fairphoners?

I accidentally drowned my brand new FP 2 in water… :cry:
It was submerged for max 2 sec, and then I turned it off immediately. I let it dry for a week (not on the heater, just out in the air), then tried to turn it on. The screen came on, it seemed the battery was low and then turned off. I tried to charge it but when charging the phone gets really hot in the area of the sim cards. I tried with and without sim cards, but that doesn’t make a difference. Plus, the battery doesn’t seem to change/pick up any current, because even though I let it sit connected to the charger for, say, 45 minutes, I can briefly turn on the phone but then it still says battery low.
Can you help me? Is there a part I can replace to mitigate this problem? I’m not super technical but to me this sounds like soms short-circuiting…
Thanks so much! Maartje

I guess it could either be the battery, the main module (connected to the battery and SIM cards) or the bottom module (USB port).
Do you know someone else with an FP2 near you or do you live near to one of the #localcommunities ? If so you could first try someone else’s battery in your phone and try to charge your battery in theirs.

  • If your phone works now, but the other won’t charge or turn on then it’s most likely just the battery.
  • If both phones work now, but you can’t charge your phone it’s probably the bottom module. To make sure you could exchange that as well.
  • If neither works your battery is defect and some other part too. You could one by one test your modules the other phone until you find the culprit(s). To test your main board you’d have to pair it together with all the modules of the other phone including the battery.

:warning: Make sure to remember which modules belong to whom.

This is a smart way to go!
Except the only person I know owning a FP owns a FP1 :frowning:
And at the #localcommunities I can’t seem to find Amsterdam based owners.

Would you know whether it is possible to receive the spare parts from the FP company to try the suggested combinations and then send back whatever parts you don’t need?

AFAIK that’s possible if it’s a warranty case, but not after a water incident.

But Amsterdam must be crawling with Fairphoners. I renamed your topic to get their attention.
Hey, I just saw tomorrow there is an event at the Fairphone Office. You could try your luck there. (Registration is closed :frowning: )

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