Phone freezes after latest update

Hi, since the update my phone does a ‘tunnel vision’ blurred screen and freezes. It then takes a reboot to get it back.
Anyone else?

Take a look at the following thread. Do those symptoms match yours? Could you post some screenshots of your ‘blurred screen’?

Maybe try disabling 5G and see if it still happens. (Just an educated guess, since 5G has caused a bunch of issues on FPs recently.)

I have more or less same issue. I don’t have a blurred screen. But my FP4 freezes multiple times a day. Sometimes waiting a couple of hours fixes it. But usually I take the battery out to restart.

Did you already try this?


I have a problem with calls in the car after the update for a FP4. The phone put it on ‘‘silence mode’’ but thats not what i want. I would like to make calls in the car.

Do you have suggestions? Calling with whatsapp in de car is possible…


Do you use auto-rotate? Some got rid of freezes with turning auto-rotate off.