Phone freeze and ends call after a couple of seconds, then wake up but lost the call

Hello :slight_smile:

I have a 2 year old FP1. I’m very happy with.
But since a couple of weeks, when somebody calls me, I can pick up the call and talk during ~10 seconds. Suddenly, the phone doesn’t react anymore, the call ends, the screen remains black.

I have to push on the power button the way I do to boot the phone after un shutdown to wake it up.

The phone wakes up where I was before the freeze (showing date & time and that there’s a call on its way) but has lost connection to the network. When it shows me date & time (lock screen), the color is blue but turns red after a second (state of battery is red - 41%).

After that, people call me back and the phone works flawlessy.

It’s really like my phone has some instant freezes, losts its mind for 10 seconds and wakes up again.

It’s quite annoying. Battery is still good.

The only thing I changed recently is the lock screen. I replaced the original one (only the lock, no pin) with the pinned one from android.

Do you know what kind of issue it could be ?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Many problems can be solved by clearing the cache of the phone:

Settings > Storage > Cached data

You won’t loose any personal data.

Thank you Stefan. I deleted 550 Mo of cache. I still have 10 Go left.

I remembered yesterday that my phone didn’t charge one night. It stayed plugged for some hours but didn’t charge at all. It was 3 or 4 weeks ago.

Yesterday I shut down the phone, removed the battery for 5 minutes and inserted the battery again. According to my phone, battery left was 38% before I removed it, 22% after I put it back.

Didn’t have updated the phone for a while, also… waiting for the big one (4.4) :wink:

You might have a faulty battery. Have a look at the #batteryguide .

Great, thanks ! :slight_smile:
I’ll try these battery recommandations if the problem occurs again. I’ll update this post.

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I received several calls since my last post, without issues. Hope it’ll stay that way :slight_smile:

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