Phone drop leads to battery drop


I just noticed something:
I just dropped my phone (tends to happen every now and then) and when I picked it up again I noticed the battery had dropped from 50+x % to 27%. After a reboot the battery was back at 41%.

This reminded me of another incident, when my phone showed about 4% before eventually switching off, only to show 80+% battery after restarting it immediately after the shutdown.
(At that time the phone wasn’t dropped, but I was carrying heavy things so pressure might have been applied to the phone in my pocket.)

First of all, I’d be curious what might explain the drop induced battery drop. Is there a more reasonable explanation than “electricity fell out”?
Kind of connected: Does this indicate an error? (In the battery or the phone?)

The first thing you can try is an app called BatteryCalibration, available on F-Droid. You charge your phone fully, hit a button in the app, and it resets your battery stats so your phone will rebuild its estimates. I don’t really think this is the solution to your problem, but it’s an easy thing to try first - you never know, it may fix everything.

If that doesn’t do anything, you can try to fix any physical contact issues by cleaning the battery contacts on both the battery and the phone with some isopropyl acohol.

If that doesn’t work, you may have a bad battery. I can tell you from experience that this is the sort of behaviour that a battery exhibits toward the end of its life. How old is your battery?


I agree that it may be a battery contacts problem. Dropping the phone or the pressure mentioned may have (temporarily) made it worse (so the lower power values).

I don’t really know how to create a test case for this (I’d prefer not to drop my phone intentionally…).
I got it in Aug of 2017 so that’s about the age of the battery (I don’t know how much in advance to delivery the battery might have been produced)… In general the battery performance seems quite ok to me… It used 61% over approximately 14 hours today. Using the screen a lot seems to be the main reason for battery usage…

I am wondering if it might be a loose battery issue, take a look at the #batteryguide “Battery Sits Loosely in Frame”. Let us know if that helps!

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At least it sounds like a good idea. Thank you! I put some paper in the gap as described, but I can only tell in the long run if it helps…

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