Phone does not start (restarts all the time)

Hello! Two weeks ago my Fairphone1 (first batch) started over and over again. It came as close as to “loading” but then it started again. I can access the factory mode and can go up and down the menu but I can’t choose anything. I can also enter the resting robot menu but when pushing the power button to trying to enter the menu, nothing happens. It seems like the power button might be damaged, (I read that some people had the same problem, that the power button was then pressed all the time). But I went to a local repair store, and they are completly sure, that it is a software problem.
But as my phone is three years old, fairphone does not take it. The support said its the mainboard and i need a new mainboard.
I didnt have a water damage and it didnt drope that day (or the days before, though in the three years i dropped it a lot. Is it possible that a raindrop fell exactly on the power button?)
What would you suggest me to do? And if it is a software problem, does a new mainboard solve the problem as the store is on the mainboard? Or where is the storage?

Thank you so much for you help!

Sounds much like a broken power button. A serious #repairshops can easily replace that (you’ll find the exact order number through the forum search).

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