Phone does not ring while I am connected to Wi-Fi

Hey everyone,

I have a very weird problem. Whenever I am connected to a W-Fi network, I cannot accept any incoming calls. It won’t even ring. The caller will hear a failure sound. Only when I disconnect from WiFi, people will be able to call me again. When I am on Wi-Fi, I can make outgoing calls, however with great difficulties. Does anyone recognize the problem?

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Hi @thio59,

which OS is installed on your Fairephone? Do you have the problem only at home or with other Wi-Fis, too?


You might check access rights of used caller app. There might be something wrong.
Our it might be related to an installed app. To rule this out you can start in #dic:safemode and try to reproduce the problem.

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Hi there,
I have checked the rights of the Caller App and it has all the access rights.
I tested one other Wi Fi network and there i managed to call. But at the coffee shop here when I am connected to Wi Fi I cannot make calls. My OS is Android 7.1.2

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