Phone died in the night

No warning whatsoever, the phone simply died. Worked fine last night, when I awoke it won’t turn on.

  • No light at all while the battery is in.
  • Red light when plugged in directly with no battery, but not screen action (no reboot loop etc.)
  • The phone is just over 2 years old and I have ordered a new battery to try that, although there were no signs of issues with this. Battery was not hot, reset didn’t work. Haven’t been able to try another as I don’t have access to one.

Is it dead? An ex phone?

That usually means the bottom module is dead, so the battery can’t charge.

Do you have any #fairphoneangels near you? They could help you test what part(s) don’t work.


You might also have a look at


Unfortunately I don’t have any guardian angels. It seems the nearest is London and I am in Bristol. I wonder if there is any way I can check myself that it is the bottom module. I have just spent 30£ on a battery, which I am sure will be handy as a spare, but I know it is the same again for a module and this could get quite expensive if it turns out to be neither…

Thank you so much for your help!

Thank you, I will try these fixes, to the best of my ability. Is there any way to test if the bottom module is faulty?

Well, IMHO if it’s the bottom module then the phone should just no longer charge correctly. So once the new battery is there then the phone should work fine until the battery is empty. At least this will show it.

Thank you. I’ll try that before I buy another.

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Hi Paulakreuzer.

Unfortunately putting a new battery didn’t work / my friend’s battery. I’m wondering if this means its not the battery or the bottom module :frowning:

My phone is just over two years old so outside the warranty. Is there anything i can do to get it tested or find out if it’s fixable (without an angel). Any advice?


You already did the only test you can do without another phone and switching modules and that test revealed it’s most likely the bottom module’s fault.

Hi @wecarealot, just to add my experience:
my stepmothers phone died just the same way. She used it in the evening, connected it to the charger and the next morning it was dead.
She did buy a new battery which did not change anything.
Switching some modules with working ones did not help, so she sent it back to Fairphone. Luckily it was still within warranty, so she got a new one. But because I set her phone up to not use any Google services, she had no automatic backup … that means no backup at all. :frowning:
As all the testing / sending back / receiving the new phone took quite some time, she bought a cheap chinese phone as replacement and is much happier now with that one (using Google and all other “services”, not caring about her data).
Too bad.

I wish you good luck with your FP!

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I had exactly the same issue.
I had an old bottom module but it did not change anything to swap the modules.
I’ve just sent it to Fairphone for a repair quotation, let see how it goes…

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