Phone completely dead - Reset device


I have an FP1U since about 3.5 years and am very happy with it.

But two weeks ago, my phone stuck during startup.
So i tried to make a eMMC Reset.
During this process, the battery fell out,so the process interrupted.

Now I even cannot access the boot-menu by pressing [Volume Up & Power On]
The phone does not react at all, and is even not detectable as USB-Device with any kind of OS.

Is there anything I can do to save my phone?
Does anyone has an idea?

Thanks a lot for your response and best regards

Can you charge the phone?

Hello Lidwien

Thanks for your fast response.
If i plug the phone, the LED is not flashing.
So I assume that the phone is not charging.

Any idea how the phone can be rescued?

Thanks and best regards.

Do you see a red, yellowish or green light?

Hello Lidwien

What a fast response.
I do not see any light at all.
There is no LED flashing at all.

Best regards

If you see not light when your phone is connected to the charger, then it could be that your battery is fault or your usb-connector.
Perhaps there’s somebody having a Fairphone 1 in your neighbourhood, so that you can have your phone tested with another working battery.
May I ask where you live?

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That would be my guess as well.
My FP1 battery died on really short notice as well. From one day to the next, there was no more charging.
And if @hafisch dropped the battery, that may very well have “done the trick” to put a sudden end to the batteries suffering.
I guess your advice is the best way to proceed.

@hafisch could make use of the fairphone community map to locate someone able to help:

I wonder if that map could somehow be placed more “prominent”, as I just stumbled over it when looking up, what a fairphone angel is. :wink:

Those things take time! :wink: #efct17 has just passed and soon the map will be populated with angles (making it a heaven). :smiley: :angel:

Btw: You can embed it on the forum:

Find the instructions here: #fprsmap

Hello everybody

Thanks for your responses.
But I have a few questions which are making me uncertain.

My phone died exactly during an eMMC Reset. So it would be a big mischance if the battery died exactly at the same moment.

Therefore my question.
If i plug in my phone and the eMMC is dead, should the LED flash?
Should the charging LED flash in any circumstances.

Is there a way to restore the phone if the Boot-Mode (Power & Volume Up Button) are not working anymore?

Thanks for your answers and have a nice evening.


If the battery is dead, the charging LED won’t flash.[quote=“hafisch, post:9, topic:31761”]
Is there a way to restore the phone if the Boot-Mode (Power & Volume Up Button) are not working anymore?

It won’t work, however, if the battery is dead.

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