Phone broken - no repair no money back

Hi all,

I have my FP2 for over a year. But there where already 6 parts broken and needed a repair. Now again the display has some problem, the microphone already for the 3rd or 4th time and the backcover for the 2nd time.
Iam sick of it. My phone is more broken then functional most of the times.

Support told me that they forwarded my request for a refund to finance - but I never hear from them. Fairphone refuses to repair while I wait for my money. I am already waiting 2 weeks for the money and hardly get a reply to my tickets (waiting over a week only to hear that they have forwarded and can´t do anything).
Did anyone had similar Issues with fairphone?
since my mic is broken I can´t call them ( or anyone) …

Not sure what to do.
Any tips? - Beside getting a lawyer?


Have you negotiated to get a refund before you sent your Fairphone 2 to Fairphone?

I still have the phone - but since it is broken in so many ways it almost doesn´t make sense to use it (specially can´t make calls).
They said they forwarded my request to finance department. They did not even make a statement that they will send me my money, just that they forwarded my request. I just hope that means they will send me back my money as they said they refuse to make fixes while waiting.

I just wonder why they did not ask to send the phone so that they could evaluate whether repair/refund claim is covered by warranty or not. How can they find out if they do not receive your phone before?

I’m sure you know somebody who owns a working phone and will let you use it to call Fairphone. Calling them usually speeds up support requests.

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I get the impression that the more people call them, the longer all others who mailed them must wait… :wink:

I am not aware of a general backlog of requests like it existed before.

by customer protection law - this does not really matter. Phone is broken very often - I am entitled for a refund.
Plus there is a 2 years warranty here.
Parts brake after a few weeks, I had my mic replaced in May, now it is broken again for over 2 weeks. The backover is getting loose again - nothing else than bad quality combined with heat period in my country could have caused it. There is no chance that sending the phone to them would help anything.

And this phone was broken several times, I am afraid it will just go on like this.

  • Support is horrible - I do not want to deal with that any longer.

I honestly do not want to ask - I paid a lot for a phone. I want to make phone calls on my own.

Just got a standard text reply from Fairphone - They must be joking!

I got this for the return:

How does it work?

Once your product arrives, we will inspect and assess it:
    If the product is found to be in perfect working order and in a very good condition, we will proceed with the return;
    If the product has been damaged (cosmetic damages) or is not working as expected (functional damages), you will be held liable for its diminished value.

They can´t build proper phones but want me to pay for it! They should pay damages to me for all the ***.

It looks like they seem to assume that you got a phone on loan. :open_mouth:

Your English is very good, so there must be something else responsible for that confusion… :worried:

They’re expecting it to have the defects that you notified them about. If, however, it has other damage that is considered to not be a defect covered by warranty (e.g. you smashed the screen by dropping the phone), then they can make deductions for that - which is legal in most countries. In some countries the manufacturer can even make deductions for normal use, if the product is returned outside of the normal period for returns (two weeks from date of delivery). I haven’t heard of Fairphone being particularly strict about these things, but do let us know how this ends.


yes I will.
I could in general understand if they make a deduction for the time of use.
BUT I really hope they are not doing it, except for display and the main module ALL parts have been replaced in the last year - some of them several times, and times of use definitly were less then the acutal time I had the phone since it needed to be fixed so often.

If they expect those defects, why can´t they write about that? I hope you are true. I just asked them about this.

sometimes, when I am angry, my english is horrible :wink:

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I think there is a mistake in the following sentence:

If the product is found to be in perfect working order and in a very good condition, we will proceed with the return;

Exchange “return” with “inspection”, and it would comply with your explanation. :wink:

Then you are not angry, yet! :wink:

no, only deeply dissapointed.
I loved the Fairphone Idea - And the Fairphone with all it little defects it always had. But hardware is just such a dissapointment here.


Yeah - they confirmed that I am not responsible for the damages - I will send back my FP next week and will update you on the deduction.

It sounds like you have already committed a lot to support Fairphone / fair electronics / sustainability. Thanks & well done from the rest of us. No one can expect you to have infinite resources, infinite patience, infinite commitment. Please consider if you can stay part of the movement, even after you have to change phone. Keep the faith, Keith



How did this end up?

I’ve had a similar list of issues (1 x screen, 2 x battery, 2 x microphone, 2 x case) and can’t live with the unreliability.

I’m keen to get a refund and move on to another device.