Phone broke its "neck" and cannot charge

Hello friends!

So I was lying in my bed writing a book on my laptop with the Fairphone charging beside me in the bed. As I changed position to drink some water the phone fell down on the floor. When I picked it up the charger was broken ot of position, like an L instead of an I. “Too bad” I thought and borrowed my friend’s charger, but it didn’t charge. No charger charges it anymore. My guess is that something “snapped” inside the phone’s charging port so that the charging cables don’t match (even though they fit like normal and when I look at the port it doesn’t look very different than usual).

Is there an easy way to fix it or should I send the phone to the Netherlands?

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Hi, this does not sound so good … You can open your phone and just have a look.

But if you don’t want to do that, I would assume a broken usb-connector. This can (if build like the FP1) also damage the main board easily.

Have a look here maybe that will help you a bit

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