Phone bought last week is mine already for 2 months?

I ordered and received my Fairphone2 last week. It took some time to get used to it, but by now most things finally work the way I like them to. Tonight I tried to find out how to change the lock screen. Thanks to the forum I found out you can swipe the screen to get a clock instead of the notification about my peace of mind. But I also found a screen telling me that this phone is mine for 2 months, 1 week and 5 days. I also noticed the first day that the history contained one phone call for some time ago, from some unusual country and I number that I did not know.

Can someone explain this to me? I’m all for recycling things, that’s why I bought this phone for. But when I buy something new, I don’t want to get a 2nd hand object without any notification. But maybe I’m wrong and is there a good explanation for it?


I would assume that during random quality control your phone was tested by Fairphone or the manufacturer and they forget to restore to factory settings.

I do not think that you received a “recycled” phone. If you want to find out why there was already a phonecall in your history you could contact the Fairphone support team and ask for further details.

Do you still have the phone number for that call? If it starts with +31, that is The Netherlands where the Fairphone office is located and where Fairphones are packaged.

Thanks for your replies. I’ll contact the support team tomorrow. I removed the number, but it definitely wasn’t from the Netherlands - I’m Dutch myself. I don’t remember what country it was from - I did not think much about at first.

Funny, I thought I was the only one with this issue. When I used my phone for the first time, 3months ago, it said I owned it for 2 months and 1 week, although actually I had it for one week. But it works well and never found evidences of it not being new…
Btw, I read in the forums that custommer support seems to be fairly overloaded at the moment. Let us know if you manage to contact them and what did they say, to prevent others from calling as well. =)

I haven’t contacted them yet. I missed another call from this unknown number a couple of days ago - it’s from Edinburg btw. So it must have been a call to my number - (although I have no idea who) and not some previous call to this phone. I think I’ll leave it a alone for now.

I also found my fp2 added 2months to my ownership. It happened after about a week, I think. I love it so much I didn’t worry about it, but now I’m on here looking for info about crashes, so thought I’d mention it!

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