Phone automatically reboots to TWRP

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Newest OpenOS, phone decided to reboot (cant imagine why) and boots in TWRP.
WTF what is this sorcery.
I dont need a fancy recovery tool, and I dont want it to pop up randomly so I need to take out the battery, leave it next to the phone, wait for a few minutes and then put it back in, hoping that my phone will boot normally.
No, the options under “reboot” did not help me at all, it kept rebooting the TWRP.

No idea why it reboots (could be anything), but if reboots into TWRP instead of the normal OS then then the first thing to check is whether your volume up is stuck (holding volume up during boot will cause the phone to boot in recovery mode, which in FP Open is TWRP).


Volume Up you say? Send a support ticket cause my volume up is malfunctioning… I guess thats the reason.

It may be the case that TWRP is loaded because your VOL+ is faulty.

I don’t think it’s wise to deactivate TWRP, since it’s needed for updating the phone.
But you don’t have to take out the battery, choose Reboot -> System.

It’s also possible that the Android init fails and reboots into the recovery. I’ve seen that happen often during development.

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