Phone and contact slow

since some time it really takes about 20 seconds before a search for a contact gives an answer. not always but most of the times. when somebody calls me it takes the same time before FP1 recognizes the caller.
I did try empty cash but without significant difference.
any suggestions?

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what kinds of contacts do you use? SIM card, local, whatsapp, google,…
Maybe some of these contact databases is corrupt.

Did you try to select not all account or change the visibility settings?

Did you merge contacts?

Thanks for the suggestion.
I found out that iT is de contacts on the Phone itself that causes the delay, the contacts on the sim, whatsapp and others respond normal.
Andy idea what i can DO about it?


do your phone contacts contain large data (e.g. big pictures) maybe this causes the delay.

It could help to backup all your contacts (e.g. with MyPhone Explorer), delete them on the phone and add them again.

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