Phone (3Plus) not charging

Hi everyone,
I received my new FPH3 two days ago and I am very dissapointed so far. Well, obe because of Android 10, but this is something I can get used to.
But also the battery is not charging. When I plug it in, it says that the phone is charging but nothing really happens.
I have tried many cables, many chargers (most with more than 2 A, but also with 1,5 A), I have taken out the barrey for a while. To sum it up: I have tried everything I could find in several forums.
Has anyone had similar problems so far?
Thanks a lot!

That, definitely, is not normal (especially) for a new phone.
You could try contacting one of the fantastic #fairphoneangels, to check if the battery is at fault, by switching to another battery. If you know someone else with a FP3/3+, you can ask that person.
Otherwise, or if that does not help:
Here’s the Fairphone support-tool’s output on a not charging battery:

Try different chargers

We wrote a support article about charging equipment, please read it carefully and make sure to follow every suggestion listed. In particular, make sure to use a charger manufactured by a USB certified brand.

You can also try to charge your Fairphone using a PC or a laptop. If your Fairphone 3/ Fairphone 3+ is charging only when connected to a computer it means your charger is probably defective.

Another thing you want to check is the USB port on your FP3/ FP3+. Make sure it is not too dirty or full of lint. Lint build-up can disrupt the connection between the cable and the charger, keeping you from charging your device. You can clean it up using a very thin needle, for example, and paying attention not to damage the charging pins.

If I get it right, you already checked different chargers and the phone even says, that the battery is charged.
Of course you could try to charge using a computer as well.
But, to me, it seems, that none of those explanations is relevant for your case.
If I am right, here is what to do next:

We want to help you further!

We are sorry you are experiencing issues charging your Fairphone 3/ Fairphone 3+!
Please fill in the form below and, in the description field, specify as best as you can the issue you are experiencing, as well as:

  • did you perform any steps before contacting us (reboot the device, remove the battery/ SIM cards, etc)?
  • did you perform a factory reset? Did you test the problem right after the factory reset, i.e., before restoring your data?
  • the charger you are using

Note: you can find the IMEI 1 on the box of your FP3/ FP3+; or on the device itself, removing the battery, on the right inside.