Phantom taps on the content (not screen area!) that I last touched


I have a weird problem with my FP3+, I’ll do my best to explain it.

A couple of months ago, my phone would start having this issue in multiple apps, it sometimes appears differently but seems linked. In some Apps/Websites, when I tap something on the screen, the phone will instead tap something else. This might be a list that I’ve scrolled through, and I want to tap an entry, but the phone thinks that I want to tap the entry I’ve last touched while scrolling. It also appears in apps that seem to use multiple layers, where it looks like the app opened another layer but my taps seem to be stuck to the original layer that is now in the background.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? My partner has a FP3 and also experienced this for a couple of weeks now. It’s quite annoying and makes some apps unusable :frowning:


Switch on the “show touches” or similar in the dev options to see what is actually happening.

For me it was like 10 “ghost touches” per second on completly random spots in the top third of the screen

Thanks, but I’m sure it’s not hardware-related. It happens with stuff that’s not even visible on screen right now (for example with lists)

So, to clarify regarding the topic title … The wrongly registered taps are not where you last touched the screen before, but where you last touched content in the App before.

You might want to edit this (I realise myself it’s a bit hard to describe), because I suspect with the topic title like this users will be tempted to give you hints about “simple” ghost touches, which doesn’t seem to be your issue at all.

The issue sounds odd for sure.
In case you are able to reproduce this reliably, can your partner perhaps record a video of this phenomenon to share here (not showing any personal information, of course)?
Perhaps somebody might see anything helpful in this.