People who call me can't hear me

Hi there,

after many Fairphone disappointments, this is one I can’t work around:
People who call me can’t hear me. So I can’t even use it as a phone anymore. It has been a problem for a few weeks now. I can’t call clients and when clients call me, they can’t hear me. Not the best impression I can give. Anyone a solution?

In fact I’m disapointed in my Fairphone from the day I got it. Other problems: The ‘unbreakable’ glass is broken. The camera crashed for months and makes crappy photos. The gps never works accurately: the dot doesn’t move when I move. Updates don’t download well. In better times, when people who called me could still hear me, the phone went in airplane mode in the middle of the call. My 3G internet is always slowww. All I can think about is buying a new phone. Not that sustainable or fair either…

Oh well…

I suggest you get in contact with support.

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I already did , but since the waiting time is 5 days, I can only hope for someone with a quicker solution : )

Afraid im having the same problem with no voice coming out at receiving end. Any solutions?

@Mark_Camateras In some cases these symptoms are caused by dirt in the microphone port (the small hole in the white bezel just beneath the left most button on the phone). Sometimes this can be blown out (compressed air would be easiest, if available). I would not recommend inserting any objects to try to dislodge anything that managed to get in, as this may end up causing damage.

I’ve also read reports on other phones that switching to speaker phone mode helps. I’m not sure if it still works when switching back, or what the cause was. Also: have you checked whether you can record audio (e.g. in sound recorder)?
If it does look like it is a hardware problem beyond something obvious blocking the microphone port, it’s best to contact support, as Lidwien suggested.

i have the same problem. I cleaned the microphone and it didn’t worked.
Somebody can help me or say what i have to do?!

Try to run the latest update again (maybe the Telephone app is corrupted). If the microphone still doesn’t work afterwards, you should hard reset your phone. If this also doesn’t work, your hardware is damaged and you should contact Fairphone Support.

Edit: You should read this:

I’m gonna close this thread. Please continue the discussion there.