People from Berlin willing to help? (Understanding android basics - setting up my phone) (Feb '15)

Hi all - I’m Florence and need help with setting up my new FP. It’s the first time I have an android phone and I’m struggling even with basics - but also have troubles with screen, cut internet connection, etc.
I’ll be in Berlin from 3rd to 5th March and wonder if a kind soul could help me setting it up to my needs and also confirm that my phone is functional - sometimes I wonder if I’m too old now to understand or if the phone is the problem!

I’m adding @gregariousf and @stojmas, they should be in Berlin and maybe could help you. :sunny:

Hi Stefan,

and how can I contact them? Or will they contact me - have they received
my call for help?
Sorry I’m doing this for the first time in my life… not sure how to
work with fairphone forum - but I’m impressed you answered so quickly.

Response times here in the forum are quite fast. That’s one thing the community is very good at! :wink:

If you type @ followed by a user name, they get notified that their name has been mentioned. I also wrote posts here and here asking the two for help.

So if they see the notification, they will respond here. Hopefully they see it before your stay in Berlin, so you can arrange a meetup.

I also modified the topic title (again), to attract more attention. :slight_smile:

…and it worked!! I didn’t know how to respond via forum, but found a
website address in Tom’s profile and simply contacted him via email.
Will see him Tuesday. A certain Arnd also responded. I’m impressed!
Thanks a lot and I will slowly get used to communicate in the Forum!

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It’s great to see the community help each other out! :smiley: After you have seen Tom, I would like to hear your experience, and if your problems got solved! :sunny:

Hallo Stefan, wie du siehst, war tom’s Hilfe sehr effektiv, er kennt sich hervorragend aus. Jetzt gehe ich mal ein Weilchenit dem phone um und kann ihn jederzeit wieder um Hilfe bitten. Vielen dank für die Vermittlung!


Es war mir eine Ehre, wär ja gelacht, wenn die Community das nicht hinbekommen hätte! :smiley:

Und danke @stojmas für die unkomplizierte Hilfe! :blush:

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