People can't hear me on my refurbished replacement FP2

My first FP2 was a disaster. The proximity sensor did not work, the screen stopped responding occasionally, the phone restarted frequently and I also had problems with the GPS. Also the bottom module broke (I could not charge the phone) and finally the core module just died.

The replacement was a refurbished FP2, and I was happy with it until now. But now the bottom module broke again. I still can charge the phone but the caller cannot hear me unless I switch to the speaker mode (which apparently uses a second micro.)

Maybe I am breaking these bottom modules by using a battery pack while riding my bike but the phone is mounted so there should not be much strain on the USB plug. But what do I know, maybe the phone is just not built for me.

You have probably just had bad luck.
Please go through the troubleshooting tool and if it determines that the bottom module is really broken contact support the way described there to get a replacement.

Btw I’m changing the topic title to better reflect your issue.

Normally I think before posting, so the title was just fine and you could change it back.

I don’t ask for support for broken hardware on a forum. Instead I contacted the Fairphone support and they will ship a new bottom module as warranty.

My problem with this phone is that its broken quite often and I was not able to use it at all or only with limitations for several months. I doubt that it is normal for this phone, so maybe it is caused by my usage of the phone.

Maybe I should buy an unfixable phone from a big company which lives for 3 years instead of replacing or fixing my phone every half year.

Then you’re wrong in the #fairphone2help category.

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I did not find any category which seemed to fit except this one.

I still don’t get what you want to achieve with this topic?

  • Do you just want to rant about your bad experiences? -> #community (=our category for stuff that doesn’t fit anywhere else)
  • Do you want to discuss with others whether their bottom modules are a weak spot? -> this or this topic
  • Do you want to discuss whether biking with the phone plugged in can break the bottom module? -> #hardware (but definitely not with your original title).
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