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Yes… I can’t connect my phone to Helium… still trying…


I use MyPhoneExplorer to backup my personal data.

Newbie questions - neutralising Google Play Services, do I need FP Open?

Can you elaborate a bit on it’s functionality considering the questions I posted above?


MyPhone Explorer:
I use it with FP1U and FP2

  1. What data is saved:
    1.1. contacts - all available Accounts (SIM, Gmail, GMX, Outlook, local, LinkedIn, Skype…) with FP1U, only Gmail, (local), MyLocalContacts with FP2
    1.2. sms
    1.3. calendar
    1.4. Notes
    1.5. pictures
    1.6. files (you can browse through interal and external storages e.g. MicroSD)

  2. FP1->FP2 data?
    I did not try this, I synced my contacts via Outlook

  3. Easy to use?
    I would say yes

  4. Data storage? Connection?
    Locally on your PC (Windows is required)
    Possible Connections: WLAN (which I prefer), Bluetooth, USB cable

  5. Licence/Costs?
    Shareware I think, free to use
    For further info please visit developers website…

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oh, good to know there is an app and an option to use wifi. I was using MPE for the last few years to sync my old W810i with google and lotus notes. always worked quite well for me and I wanted to use it with my FP2 but it was unable to connect to it via usb. I think it’s because of missing adb drivers. I installed the universal adb driver package but apperently FP2 is not supported. I’ll try the MPE App next and post on any progress…


So maybe that FP1 support can come up with a driver solution because Helium seems to be a good idea in order to get the data on the FP2… I’m not talking about contacts etc but application data (otherwise saved with titanium).


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On the website, I read the following:

Windows Users must also install Android drivers and restart.

Did you install those drivers? Just to know, because I want to be prepared when my FP2 arrives :slight_smile:


I don’t know how to link the topic…

Check " Data transfert with helium"


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How to get your data with Helium

Thanks :wink:

For SMS and MMS and phone log I used “Backup to Gmail”. It Worked!!!

And by the way, I used Adguard to get rid of ads… I don’t know if it worked yet though…


I don’t think a full backup in a sandbox will ever work. Because the reason of the sandbox (“security model”) is not to allow to read/write/copy certain files, ever.

You will just try out more and more services or apps that will not all the things that you want in the end. But it depends on what you want, of course. And if you care and if you even see what your are missing. For some, backup at google or not being able to backup apk’s, changing DNS or blocking IP addresses or messages is fine and I don’t judge.

But I fear that root access is the only way to have at least some kind of control. Or maybe using the recovery as a backup tool will work? Without encryption this could work. But I guess encryption will be the new security model soon. Because that is a great combination to keep users out, just have a look at Sony.


So… Helium:

  • It saves application data
  • Backup has to be manual via a computer
  • It can be used to import data from FP1 or other phone
  • I thought it was quite straight forward as soon as I figured out how to connect my FP2 to the computer
  • Different options where to save data haven’t tried everything but Google Drive for the migration data from FP1 to FP2
  • I don’t know what FOSS means but the pro version which is needed has to be paid.

I’m quite satisfied with that solution so far…

For SMS, MMS and call log use Backup to Gmail. It works great.

:pencil2: Backup Tools for FP OS

FOSS means “Free and open-source software”.


Thanks. So… free with an pro version needed to do what I did… :wink:


So here are my experiences with Helium:

I’m quite happy - thanks to evidemment who saved me after hours of frustration. Once you know, that you have to uncheck ALL USB-options, though, it turns out to be quite a good alternative to Titanium.

I managed to transfer about 150 apps from my FP1 (no Helium-activation via PC required - just grant SuperUser rights… ah… the good old days) to FP2 (activation via PC required after every boot) - wich saved me a lot of re-installing from the Play store.

I didn’t need the payed version as I transfered all my data via my SD card. So, no cloud access needed. And it’s probably also faster when you want to transfer complete apps and not only app data.

As to which app data transfer really worked and wich didn’t I’ll find out in the coming weeks. SMS for instance just worked fine (you have to grant Helium SMS rights when restoring). Also the save data in my niece’s favourite games made it to the FP2. My favourite Netflix-search-app “iStreamGuide” didn’t manage to transfer my personal watchlist, though - but that might not have worked with Titanium either.

Some apps can’t be transferred with Helium at all - but Helium does list those apps as not backup-able when you use it on your old phone. So, take a good look at that list an maybe write down somewhere which apps you have to re-install seperately.

WhatsApp for instance allows you to do a complete backup on the old phone and then simply transfer this folder to the FP2 BEFORE you re-install WhatsApp on your FP2. All your chats will then be restored during the re-installation process.

To transfer my contacts I used two methods: First I did a file export directly from the contacts list onto my SD card and then imported this file on my FP2. But I also did a backup an restore with MyPhoneExplorer. The reason I did both is: MPE also saves Facebook or WhatsApp contacts, which Android doesn’t - but Android on the other hand does save custom contact categories (like in my office I have “Boss”, Secretary", “IT-Support” and so on), which get lost via MPE.

I also backed up and transferred my calendar via MyPhoneExplorer because I don’t want Google to synchronize every step of mine.

So, to sum things up, I’m quite happy with what Helium achieved. Still, though, lots of things to do until my FP2 looks and works like I want it to…

(Oh, and is it just me or does the touchscreen become incredibly jumpy once a few apps are running simultanously?)


Some apps have backup solutions built in. E.g. WhatsApp is able to store a backup in the cloud regularly. Or syncing contacts with Owncloud, Google Contacts, Outlook, etc. is an automatic backup for contacts. Pictures can be automatically backed up with Dropbox or Google Photo, etc.

These are the most convenient backups because you don’t need to worry about doing it regularly. Once you have a new phone (or hard reset your current phone) you just enter your details and have your data back.

I’ve also heard of Google backing up App data to Google drive [Edit: Apps need to allow this though]. Is that available in Fairphone 2? Maybe it only works with Android 6 Marshmallow.


Is it also easy to “restore” them on your new/hard resetted phone? I didn’t find a way to do this yet…


I personally don’t need pictures back on my phone. I usually only take them with my phone but don’t look at them too often on my phone. However, with both Dropbox and Google Photos, it is possible to see pictures which are in the cloud and download them when necessary. It’s probably also somehow possible to automatically download them on initialization.