✏ B2G beta (formerly Firefox OS)

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do you have a link to that blobfree build of juan?


Yes the file is here. As I mentioned in the Wiki you can find the link in the builds.json file.


Hi there!
It’s my first post, so greetings to the forum!

I am a little bit confused: does any of the builds actually really work? Read: does LTE, wifi, … work, such that I can use it as a real smartphone? I’d like to try B2G, but atm I am on Sailfish OS and would have to flash 1.2.8, then B2G, and if it doesn’t work flash the older FPOS and Sailfish OS…
Could you give me a hint before I try?

As I use SFOS on a daily basis, I am used to forgive some bugs and problems :wink: So I consider OSs with flaws as usable that some android-users wouldn’t touch :wink:

Best regards


Hello Thomas and welcome to the forum,

I would propose you to download/compile an image of twrp, so that you can switch between the images easily. For the backups you need a micosd card, because they would be erased otherwise. So if anything doesn’t work you can just switch back to sailfish OS like as nothing happened before.
I only tested the b2g-installer with the original image as mentioned, but I can tell that at least wifi should work and I am almost sure that cellular should work also. For the b2g-installer i used the manual of mdn (and added it to the wiki) but unfortunately the b2g-installer also flashes the recovery, so you need to flash back to twrp manually.
By the way, I tried to connect to the eduroam of our university and recognized that the certificate manager of B2G 2.6 does not work properly.

I hope that I could help you,


Yes, that was very helpful, thanks!
I’ll try it as soon as possible, sounds like a good way to not break too much :wink:



Thanks @sebastku!
I managed to install B2G over the links you provided. But it wasn’t easy to find out how it works.
So to summ all:
Parallels and Ubuntu 14.04 in the VM does not work.
My Native Ubuntu 14.04 on my Mac Hardware didn’t work as well becaus Mozilla Nightly download stoped with an error about the certificate i have or miss. I wasn’t able to find out.

  1. Finaly i made a new user on OSX.

  2. Installed this Browser called “Nightly” (was hard to follow that it has to be a special browser…! :grin: )
    on OSX just download the .dmg and install: https://nightly.mozilla.org/

Try this in Terminal on Ubuntu:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-mozilla-daily/ppa
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install firefox-trunk

And even harder to understand where to find the preferences! For all those who whant to follow:

  1. type in the URL field this: about:config

  2. Then use the search to find this line: xpinstall.signatures.required ->and double click it.
    If the Font gets bold it is already good and you can go on with:

  3. pasting this to the URL field: http://lissyx.github.io/b2g-installer/
    I don’t know where Windows users can find help here but i was able to download ether the linux or osx version.

  4. then install also this: https://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/labs/fxos-simulator/adb-helper/mac64/adbhelper-mac64-latest.xpi (from the lowest link here, called adb helper: https://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/labs/fxos-simulator/ )

  5. be sure you have 2 GB of free space and

  6. type this to the URL Field: about:b2g-installer

Now a nice userinterface comes up and you can follow the instrucitons if your phone gets recognised.
If not try to enable Developer Menus in the Android setings tapp 10 times on the device info build number.

  • And enable USB in the now showing up developers menu (main system menu).
  • And have a look to the
    Terminal command for Ubuntu:
    $ sudo gedit /etc/udev/rules.d/51-android.rules
    add the Line below in the Top of that file and replace user with the current of your Ubuntu OS:

adb protocol on fp2 (Fairphone 2)

SUBSYSTEM==“usb”, ATTR{idVendor}==“18d1”, ATTR{idProduct}==“d00d”, MODE=“0600”, OWNER="< user >"

I can confirm that

  • Wifi now works but
  • not so LTE. Im not able to get 3G Data.
  • The Rotation of the Camera works fine but the
  • Video i made wasn’t able to be played back…
  • Phonecalls work,
  • Messages work,
  • Telegram works,
  • Music works,
  • Browser (on Wifi) works, the
  • Clock and the Alarm works! (and have wonderful alarmtones!!!)
  • Calculator doen’t work,
  • Notes app doesnt work,
  • Usage hangs on the let’s go screen (may be related to the 3GLTE problem)

All in all its a wonderfull system. Many thanks to everybody who invested Time to make that so nice…
Regards, Novski

Edit: Added exact explanation and Typo because of a call over at https://discourse.mozilla-community.org/t/update-suggestions-for-archiving-firefox-os-pages-on-mdn/8161/42.


I flashed twrp, 1.2.8 and with the addon the offered nightly and had to realize, that cellular data isn’t working for me, too. Tonight I might try the build you linked, hopefully I’ll be more lucky. (What doesn’t work, too, is any of the 4 offered CardDAV solutions :frowning: But maybe that is a topic to be discussed elsewhere.)
Is there any alternative like a 2.2-build to flash?



Hi, i have loaded the B2G from Juan and have the same issued with chargers that are not working as i had with the Default FPOS in January (1.1?) so im not sure how that is possible. Do you have a idea why FPOS 1.2.8 charging has changed and can you explain why its not a mater of the blobs?

Regards, Novski


Hey Novski,
you are invited to improve this wiki here. I only collected information to give a rough manual to try out B2G. I thought it was better than nothing. You’re right sometimes I don’t recognize things because they are somehow self evident for me or just because I forgot it. As you mentioned Nightly is the preview browser of Firefox and I didn’t think of people not knowing it. Especially with issues related to Mac OS X you can extend the wiki.


hi there, so i did, and made quite a long thing out of it now… hope it helps. Thanks for the Help of your side!
Ragards, Novksi


if you want take part as volunteer on B2G transition, take a look here https://discourse.mozilla-community.org/t/b2g-os-transition-volunteer-contribution-status-week-19/8634


B2G Call for contributions!
Any help is welcome!!!


Well, I could test builds with working cellular data.


if you can help the project, it would better if you send a message to project maintainers.


B2G installer Firefox add-on used to flash your phone with B2G OS is finally available.
B2G installer add-on wiki.


Cool! Could you explain how the creation of the blob free images works? I was not able to compile the normal code (code.fairphone) without blobs.

The file

includes a list “blobs-toinject.txt” of files that needs to be copied from the phone to the new system image.

If this is possible, I wonder how they build the code in the first place. Or do they just remove the bin blobs and created libs after the build? This would be interesting for me to know.


I do not know exactly. For what I understood reading here from a system running Android you can extract driver and useful data in order to build B2G without copyright problems.


I thought so too, but I was not able do just that. They build scripts link stuff and those files gets copied during the compilation process. So in short: the stuff in the bin blobs is not the same stuff that ends up on the phone.

Update: I think these there the files that were modified during the compilation. But I don’t remember that well anymore. But maybe the unmodified files work as well? Maybe not just as good/fast/stable. There are unmodified files for them as well.

lib/libart-compiler.so  (snap in replacement)
lib/libwifi-service.so  (snap in replacement)
vendor/lib (all added from the tar ball, except the stuff mentioned above.)
bin/wcnss_service (snap in replacement)


Some advancements are done. You can read here


Hey Community! I have been busy the last few weeks. The work to port is done.
Until now only with sibon 2.0.0 but at least that.
B2G is in a pre-alpha state so don’t espect anything to work else than a phonecall. :grin:
The next step will be to work out the blobfree build so you don’t have to download an build yourself.
That will ease all steps. But for now its open for anybody to prof that my work was successfull by following this: